From March 1st until December 15th there is a new virtual challenge: APG in the VIrtual World. During this period, the challenge is to cover at least 1000 k. You have 289 days, which means about 3,5k a day or 24k a week.
The route is a tour of the Netherlands with start and finish at the APG office in Heerlen. In principle, it works just like the previous challenge: after you give us permission to use your Strava data for this challenge, you can start while Strava records the kilometers you run.

This time we have built in a number of additional challenges. Every month 1 week will be decdicated to run a race. These races are normally on the Dutch running calendar. We will also run these in the Virtual World and the results will also count towards the 1000k challenge. The goal is for you to cover the distance of the relevant race in that particular week. This is allowed in one go, but it is also allowed in stages, as long as it is run in that week.

And if that were not enough, there will also be a challenge every month that can be carried out during your run. The challenges are still a secret for now.

All this is explained in more detail below.

Follow each other via the virtual world and share your runs with each other via Strava.

Interactive course map

How does it work?

Step 1: Register on Strava or log in if you already have an account.

Step 2: Click on the authorisation link below and make sure all the hceck boxes are checked (Unfortenately we cannot include you in the leaderboard without these permissions).


Step 3: Become a member of the APG Stravaclub (if you are not already). Here you can share photos and experiences with your colleagues and find the monthly challenges.

Pay attention!

Check if your registration succeeded
You can check if the registration was successful or not by clicking on the interactive course map. If you are on the participant list, you did everything correct. In case you followed all the steps and cannot find yourself on the list after 30 minutes, please send us an email via


In addition to the website where you will be able to see your own progress, there is also the APG Strava club. Here you can send messages and photos to motivate each other (and yourself) to continue.
The previous Strava Club (APG Corona Marathon) has been renamed APG in the Vitual World. If you are already a member, you do not have to join again. Not a member yet? Click on the link below.

Join the Strava Club

Which activities are included?
If you added a Strava activity, it is important to set it in the correct category. Not all activities will be taken into account for the APG leaderboard.

  1. We do not have access to activities that are “Private”. Therefore they will not be added to your total. Make sure your activities are either visible for everybody or for your followers. You can change this under “Privacy controls” when you are editing your activity. Do you want to exclude an activity for whatever reason, change the category to “Only you”.
  2. Only activities in the sport category “Run” “Walking” and “Hike” will be included. Also watch out that a cycling lap is not accidentally saved as a run in Strava. This would be unfair to your colleagues.


The course is a tour around the Netherlands, with a total of 1000k, which starts and finishes t the APG office in Heerlen. By clicking on the link below you go to the virtual route. Here you can search for your own name at the top left of the “Participant list”. If you click on the magnifying glass, the map will center on your position. If you click on the “i” next to your name, you can see which activities you have already completed.

There are 4 rankings, you can see them by clicking on the jersey:

Yellow Jersey – Who has traveled the most kilometers
Green jersey – Who has run the fastest
Red jersey – Who has made the most vertical meters
Blue jersey – Who has the most activities

Virtual coursemap

Monthly competitions

One week a month will be dedicated to a competition.
The intention is that you give your best shot at good result. A ranking will be drawn up based on all results.
You can run the distance in one activity. In case of the CIty Pier City, that’s 21,1k in one activity.
But you are also allowed to run the distance in multiple activities, for example 3 times a 7k.

Which competitions are you going to run?

March10 (8 – 14 mrch)City Pier City21km
April14 (5 – 11 april)Parelloop10km
May19 (10 – 16 may)Halve Heuvellandmarathon21km
June23 (7 – 13 june)Maastrichts Mooiste16km
July27 (5 – 11 july)Zuidasrun10km
August32 (9 – 15 aug)Sfeervol Meerssen Run21km
September36 (6 – 12 sept)Dam tot Damloop16km
October41 (11 – 17 okt)Halve Marathon Amsterdam21km
November45 (8 – 14 nov)Zevenheuvelenloop15km
December49 (6 – 12 dec)Venloop21km

How does the seperate competion ranking work?
You can choose yourself where you run the race. You run the race in the week as shown in the table above. After your activity, change the name of the activity to name of the race. For example, “Afternoon run” you change in Strava into “Zuidasrun” in week 27. If you run the race in multiple parts, you also add part1, part 2 etc.

Where can I see the results?
At the end of the week, we will put all the results in a ranking, which you can find on this website on Monday after the competition week.

CPC loop – Half marathon

Parelloop – 10k

Semi Heuvelland Marathon

Maastrichts Mooiste – 10 Miles


Sfeervol Meerssen – Half Marathon

Dam tot Damloop – 10mijl

Amsterdam Marathon – Half Marathon




Every month you will get a challenge which you can complete during your run. You can find the challenges here on the website and in the Stravaclub as well.

Challenge March
The challenge for March is to run Strava Art, more specifically the letters “APG”. No clue what Strava art is? Take a look at this website:

Challenge April
A bridge not too far: Walk or run on one or more bridges and take a photo.
Challenge May
The APG main building in Heerlen has a nice central area. You can reserve meeting rooms with the names of various Limburg valleys (Valley: in Dutch: “dal”). But not everyone knows where that amazingly beautiful nature is and what is so beautiful about it. In this month’s challenge, we ask you to give your colleagues an impression with photos and descriptions of “how beautiful Limburg is”. So that everyone who is going to reserve a meeting room has an idea of the names of the rooms. Create a route and put it with photo and all on Strava.
It’s about:
• Caumerdal
• Maasdal
• Geuldal
• Geleendal
• Jekerdal
• Roerdal
• Wormdal
• Beekdal
• Heuvelland
• Mergelland
This challenge seems only to the Limburgers. But that’s not true. With the design of Basisweg 10, meeting rooms will undoubtedly also become available. It would be a nice idea to also name these after nature reserves in the area. So let us know and especially see which names you would suggest! And of course the same challenge applies to our colleagues abroad.

Questions or problems

Is something going wrong during registration or do you have another question? Send us an e-mail at

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