16 Kilometers 330 D+
25 Kilometers 600 D+
39 Kilometers 1000 D+
58 Kilometers 1600 D+
83 Kilometers 2500 D+
Grizzly 100 Kilometers 3000 D+

A trail through the Voer-region, the backyard of our course designer. The best trails and hills guarateed!

The Grizzly 100, an ultratrail of 100k, through the Voer-region, across the border of the Netherlands, Belgium to the Three Border Point and back. Besides the 100k there is also the 83k, 58k, 39k, 25kand 16k trails. Along the course there are several aidstations with water, sportsdrink, bananas, tucs and biscuits. A lot of singletracks, steep climbs, beautiful views and more than 90% off-road.

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Address: Berneauweg 49, 3798 Voeren (Fourons), Belgium. At footballclub SK Moelingen.

Friday 27 October

17:00h - 19:00h
Pick up bibnumbers for Grizzly 100 & 83k

Saturday 28 October

5:00h - 5:45h
Pick up bibnumbers for Grizzly 100 & 83k
Start Grizzly 100 & 83k
From 8:00h
Pick up bibnumbers other distances
Start 58k
Start 39k
Start 25k
Start 16k
Dropbags back at the finish
Closing of all courses


Registration costs

€ 21,-
€ 27,50
€ 31,50
€ 37,50
€ 49,50 (Livetracking and dropbag included)

Registration costs are excluding administration costs of PassionforSports.eu (registration module).

Pre registration from February 6 12:00h up till Thursday 19 October 23:59h.

From Friday 20 October up till Thursday 26 October it is possible to do a Last Minute registration at an increased price. No day registration!

Included in the price: aidstations, bibnumber, time registration, parking places, save street crossings and a fantastic surrounding.

A finisher medal and/or running t-shirt of the Bear Trail are available as extra option (as long as supply lasts)

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Grizzly 100

Included extras for this distance:

  • T-shirt
  • Finisher Medal
  • Live Tracking
  • Dropbag




Grizzly 100
€ 78,50

Registration costs are excluding administration costs of Passionforsports.eu (registration module).


Registration for the Grizzly100 & Bear Trail 83k is possible until sunday 16 October.

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Terms and conditions Bear trail


Here you can find the preliminary courses or the courses from last year. Do you want to use GPX files during the event? Wait until a day before the event to download it, to make sure you have the right one.

Grizzly 100








The Bear Trail starts and finishes at football club SK Moelingen (Berneauweg 49 ‘s Gravenvoeren). It is possible to park at the football club, follow the instructions of the parking attendants. When the parking place is full, the parking attendants will guide you to other parking places in the neighborhood.


Unfortunately it is not allowed to camp on the parking of the SK Moelingen.
There are 2 campings in the neighborhood of the event where you can stay.

Camping Grensheuvel

Camping Natuurlijk Limburg

Cut off times

16k: a minimum pace of 10 minutes per kilometer.

25k & 39k: a minimum pace of 9 minutes per kilometer.

58k: a minimum pace of 9min30 per kilometer.

83k & Grizzly 100: There is a time limit at the aidstations.

Aidstation at 43,5k: 14:00h. Grizzly100 participants can switch to the 83 after this cut off.
Aidstation at 61,5k: 17:00h.
Aidstation at 84k (66k for the 83): 21:30h.

Above mentions times are times you should leave at the aidstation.

After the time limits aidstations will be cleared away and traffic attendants will leave their post. It is also possible that course arrows will be taken away.


One of the dressing rooms of the football club will serve as guarded wardrobe. You can hand in one bag here. Attach the wardrobelabel you receive with your bibnumber to your bag. If your car is parked closeby, please leave it in the car.

To get your bag back, show your bibnumber.

Changing and showers

Showers and dressing rooms available.

Medal & t-shirt

It is possible to order a unique finisher medal  for € 4,- with your registration.

A running t-shirt can be ordered for € 13,50. You can collect this t-shirt before the race at the merchandise stand.

For the Grizzly 100 a t-shirt and finisher medal are included in the price.



At the aid stations you can get (may vary):

  • Water
  • Tailwind Nutrition Sports drink
  • Cola
  • Orange slices
  • Bananas
  • Biscuits
  • Salty crackers
  • Chocolate
  • Winegums

At the aid station in Gemmenich and further there will be soup and/or hot drinks for participants of the 83km and 100km.

Locations of aid stations:

  • Aidstation Altenbroek:
    Location: Altenbroek in Voeren (B).
    At 9,5km for for the 58k, 39k, 25k and 16k (this is not an aidstation for the Grizzly100 or the 83k.)
  • Aidstation Teuven:
    Location: Varn Straat 13 in Teuven (B). At Green Valley.
    At 21km for the Grizzly100, 83k and 58k.
  • Aidstation Manege:
    Location: Rue de Vaals 159, Gemmenich(B). In the field accross from Riding School Drieländerhof.
    At 43,5km for the Grizzly100 and the 83k. The Grizzly100 will pass here again at 61,5k.
    This is the aidstation will have your dropbags
    Spectators please do not park at the entrance of the riding school. You will block the course for the runners.
  • Aidstation Veurs
    Location: Veurs 29 in Veurs (B).
    – At 84km for the Grizzly100
    – At 66km for the 83k
    – At 41km for the 58k
    – At 21,5km for the 39k

Bearsports events don’t have plastic cups at aidstations or at the finish. This means you have to bring your own (foldable) cup during the race if you want something to drink.
You can order a plastic cup for €3,- with your registration if you don’t have one.

Dropbag for Grizzly 100 & 83k

You will receive a so called Dropbag from us (60cmx40cm) when collecting your Bibnumber at the registration office. Place the sticker with your bibnumber on the dropbag. This dropbag can be used as your own supplykit during the race at the  Aidstation Manege. Grizzly 100 participants will pass this aidstation twice.

– You can leave your dropbag 15 minutes before the start at the Bearsports van near the starting line.

– Loose objects will not be accepted, please use the provided dropbag.

– Don’t put too much in the dropbag, only the essentials.

Dropbags will be brought back to the finish line after the last participant has past the aidstation. We estimate that your dropbag will be back around 19:00h at the finish line. If there isn’t anything in your dropbag that you want back you don’t need to wait for it, we will throw it away.

Mandatory gearlist for Grizzly 100 & 83k

– Phone (with the emergency contact: + 31625403781  Bearsports)
– Light (Headlight recommended)
– Emergency Foil Blanket
– Water (minimum of 0,5 liter)
– ID-card
– Live tracker (you will receive this from us and have to hand it in after the race)

UTMB and ITRA points

At the Grizzly100, 83km and 58km are a UMTB qualifier. You can earn points for your UTMB Index. Since 2022 the UTMB qualification rules have changed. On Passion for Sports you can read an article about the new rules (in Dutch or French)

You cannot earn ITRA points at the Grizzly100. We will send the results to ITRA, so your result will count for your ‘Runner’s performance index’.

Live Tracking

All participants of the Grizzly 100 and the 83k will receive a live tracker before the race. Spectators and the organisation can follow you during the race. The device will send a ping every minute.

After the race you have to hand in this tracker. In case you forget to hand in the tracker, transportation costs are for the participant. If you lose or break the tracker you will have to pay € 150,-.

Plastic cup free

Bearsports events don’t have plastic cups at aidstations or at the finish. This means you have to bring your own (foldable) cup during the race if you want something to drink.
You can order a plastic cup for €3,- with your registration if you don’t have one.


This trail is organised by nature lovers. We get the opportunity to organise events in these beautiful nature reserves with the compliance of several nature organisations. We expect from all participants that they do not leave behind any trash. Take it with you and drop it at the aidstations or at the finish.

Participants who consciously leave behind any waste will be disqualified!

Awards Ceremony

There will be awards for the first, second and third finisher for men and women. There are no separate age categories. Awards will be given as soon as possible after the finish of the third place.

Medical support

Medical support during the event will be offered by Sportdokters.


Do you have a question about the event?

Check our ‘Frequently asked questions’ page.
If your question still isn’t answered, send us an e-mail at info@bearsports.nl

Results 2023

SQM TIME is our timing partner and will publish the results live on the day of the event.

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