42.2 Kilometers 450 D+
2x 21.1 Kilometers 225 D+
Relay race Kilometers variable D+

The Heuvelland Marathon will take you from Maastricht to the highest point in the Netherlands.

The course of this nature marathon is mostly on unpaved paths, but it is not a trail run. There are a some hills which give the marathon a total of 450 d+. The start is at 42m and the finish is at 324m. The hilly course makes it more difficult than most marathons, but also a lot more beautiful than most marathons. The course takes you through the beautiful landscape of Limburg and it’s pictureseque villages.

Besides the full marathon, it is possible to run the marathon in a team of 2 or 4 persons.

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Sunday 12 March 2023

The timetable below is subject to change.

Busses are at the finish in Vaals
8:00 - 8:30
Warderobe open
Busses depart to the start in Maastricht
9:00 - 10:00
Pick up Bib numbers at the start
9:00 - 10:00
Hand in dropbag at the start
Start all participants
Awards ceremony
Course closed


Registration will open on September 1st. Early bird registration is possible until 31 December 2021. In case the event is not sold out on February 12th, last  minute registration possible from Frebuary 14th until 10th of March.


1 September - 31 December
€ 49
1 January - 12 February
€ 60
14 February - 10 March
€ 65

Registration prices are excluding service fees of the registration module.


1 September - 31 December
€ 69
1 January - 12 February
€ 85
14 February - 10 March

Registration prices are excluding service fees of the registration module.

The exchange point is halfway through the course in Landsrade (Landsrade 3, Gulpen).

Transportation to this point has to be arranged by the participants themselves.

Relay team of 4 persons

1 September - 31 December
€ 99
1 January - 12 February
€ 120
14 February - 10 March
€ 140

Registration prices are excluding service fees of the registration module.

Location exchange points: Margraten (Intersection Trichterweg/Zangerijweg, Margraten), Landsrade (Landsrade 3, Gulpen) and Cuba Libre (Aan de Boom 7).

Stage 1 is 8,5km.
Stage 2 is 12,7km.
Stage 3 is 11,1km.
Stage 4 is 9,9km.

Transportation to exchange points has to be arranged by participants themselves.

Optional with you registration

  • A t-shirt of the Heuvelland Marathon. This is a fully sublimated running t-shirt. Price is € 19,50. (Possible to order until Sunday 29th of January) (Pictured below is the design of 2022, design 2023 will be anounced later)
  • Bus transportation from finish to the start for € 6,-
    • Only before the race
    • The bus does not go the the exchange points


Terms and conditions Heuvelland Marathon (in Dutch)


Bib numbers

  • Registrations until February 13th
    • Participants living in the Netherlands or Belgium
      The start numbers will be sent by post after the registration has been closed to the address provided at the time of registration.
    • Participants living in other countries
      The bib numbers of participants who do not live in the Netherlands or Belgium can be collected at the start on race day.
  • Registrations after February 13th
    • Bib numbers can be collected at the start. If you ordered a bus ticket, you will receive this via e-mail

The timing chip is on the back of the start number, so do not fold the bib number.

T-shirts that may have been ordered will not be sent, but can be picked up in Vaals before or after the race.


In Maastricht you can park in the parking lot of Geusselt Sportpark (Vijfkamp, Maastricht). This is for free.

In Vaals you can park in the parking lot of the three-country point (Viergrensweg, 6291 BM Vaals). This costs € 2.50 per day.

Transportation to the start

Because the start is in Maastricht and the finish at the threeborder point in Vaals, there is the possibility to travel by bus from Vaals to Maastricht (only for participants and only to the start, not to the relaystarts). This is also possible with your own transport. Transport by bus can be booked when registering and costs € 6,- extra.

The busses will leave from the Dutch side of the Threeborder point.

Parking relay teams

Wisselpunt 1 – Margraten
Only for teams of 4. Parking at the small dirtroad at the junction of Trichterweg/Zangerijweg, Margraten.

Wisselpunt 2 – Landsrade
Parking at Landsrade 9, Gulpen (Bungalowpark Landsrade)

Wisselpunt 3 – Cuba Libre
Only for teams of 4. Parking at Hilleshagerweg 2 or Pastorijweg 13, Vijlen.

Bib numbers Duos and Teams

Duos and Teams will receive one bib number with a bib number belt. This way the number can be easily passed on to the next runner.


At the start there is the possibility to hand in a dropbag to the organization. The bag is intended to put in a jacket or sweater before the start. The organization will provide the plastic bags at the start. Your bib number has a dropbag label to attach to your bag, so we know it’s yours.

Pay attention! The bags are regular plastic bags with limited volume (60cm x 40cm). The organization will transport the bags to the finish where they can be collected afterwards upon presentation of  your bib number.

Larger bags can be stored in the guarded wardrobe in Maastricht before the departure of the buses or in your own car.

Cut off time

There is a cut off time of 6,5 hours. This means you have to run at least 6.5 km/hour. After this time the traffic controllers will be gone and aid stations will be cleared. Route markers will also be removed. The cut off time per aid station is:

 Margraten 11:20h (9,6km)
 Landsrade 13:20h (20,6km)
 Cuba Libre 15:10h (34,4km)
 Finish 16:45h (42,2km)


There is a guarded wardrobe at the finish. Here it is possible to hand in one bag per participant. Loose objects and/or multiple bags are not accepted. Please do not take too much stuff with you.

Changing rooms and showers

In case there will be a possibility to shower at the finish, we will announce this later on.

There are no changing rooms at the start.

Which shoes to use

What shoes do you use for a nature marathon?
The course is both paved (30%) and unpaved (70%). The first half is the hardest with the most altitude meters. There are also occasionally rougher paths, but in general the unpaved paths are wide and passable. In dry weather it would suffice to use your ‘regular’ running shoes which you also wear on the road. In wet weather, the unpaved paths can of course become quite muddy and profile soles are advised. In the previous editions, trail shoes were preferred by most participants.


Each participant who reaches the finish will receive a finisher medal. For duos and teams all team members will receive their own medal.

Aid stations

There are 6 aid stations on the course and 1 at the finish.


 Margraten 8,5km
 Zeute Aardbei 16,1km Only water and Enervit
 Landsrade 21,2km
 Epen 26km Only water and Enervit
 Cuba Libre 32,3km
 Vijlenerbos 37,1km Only water and Enervit
 Finish 42,2km


The other service stations are equipped with:

  • Water
  • Enervit Sports drink
  • Cola
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Tucs
  • Wine gums


This trail is organised by nature lovers. We get the opportunity to organise events in these beautiful nature reserves with the compliance of several nature organisations. We expect from all participants that they do not leave behind any trash. Take it with you and drop it at the aidstations or at the finish.

Participants who consciously leave behind any waste will be disqualified!


1e – 2e – 3e place male
1e – 2e – 3e place female

1e – 2e – 3e place male duos
1e – 2e – 3e place mixed duos
1e – 2e – 3e place female duos

1e – 2e – 3e place teams

Course and GPX

Click on the image above to go to afstandmeten.nl and click on ‘Export’ on the left to download the GPX.

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