14 Kilometers 380 D+
7 Kilometers 250 D+
32 Kilometers 1050 D+
18 Kilometers 600 D+
10 Kilometers 350 D+

On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 2023 we organize a new edition of the Sint Pietersbear Trail.

A 2 day event, with 5 different distances and the possibility to participate in a 2-day-challenge!

The course will be challenging but beautiful un-Dutchlike on the Sint Pietersmountain, through the Jeker- and Maasvalley, on Dutch and Belgium territory. And of course the unique passage through the ENCI quarry. Not only a lot of singletrails but a lot of beautiful views and the occasional climbing on hands and feet.


Main partner


Address: Lage Kanaaldijk 117, 6212 NA Maastricht. Next to Chalet d’n Observant.

Saturday 9 September

Pick up bibnumbers
Start 7k trail
Start 14k trail
Course closed

Sunday 10 September

Pick up bibnumbers
Start 32k trail
Start 10k trail
Start 18k trail
14:30u - 15:30u
Kids Trails
Closing of all courses

KIDS Trails

Start kids trail until 6 years, 500m
Start kids trail 7 - 9 years, 1.000m
Start kids trail 10 - 12 years, 2.000m (2 laps)
Start kids trail 13 - 15 years, 3.000m (3 laps)


Pre registration is possible until Thursday 31 August.

From Friday 1 September up till Friday 8 September it is possible to do a Last Minute registration at an increased price. No day registration!

2 Day Challenge

Travelling to Maastricht for only one trail too far? Can’t get enough of our beautiful trails? Register for the 2 day challenge!

On Saturday you run 14k and on Sunday you can choose between 18k and 32k. For both combinations there will be a seperate ranking. Participants of the challenge will not compete in the individual distance ranking, only in the Challenge ranking.

14k & 18k
€ 39,50
14k & 32k
€ 42,50 (Headlight mandatory for 32k)

Saturday 9 September

7 km
€ 14,-
14 km
€ 21,-

Sunday 10 September

€ 17,50
€ 25,-
32k (Headlight mandatory)
€ 28,50
Kids until 6 years
€ 5,50
Kids 7 - 9 years
€ 5,50
Kids 10 - 12 years
€ 5,50
Kids 13 - 15 years
€ 5,50

*** For all distances there is a maximum of 450 participants. So register on time! ***
Registration prices are excluding costs for Passionforsports.eu (registration module)

Included in the price are: timing, aid stations, bib number, free massage, parking place, safe road crossings and a fantastic environnement.

All kids will get a special kids medal, so you do not need to order one when registering.


Terms and conditions


Collecting bib number

Bib numbers can be collected at the registration office near the finish on the day of the race.


Parking is possible at Lage Kanaaldijk 115, Maastricht. Follow the parking signs and/or instructions of parking attendents.

Cut Off Times

On Saturday the cut off time for both distances is 19:00h.

On Sunday the cut off time is 15:30h for all distances.

At aid stations we assume a minimum speed of 6km/h. After this time aid stations will be taken down.


There is a guarded wardrobe on the event area.
With your bib number you will receive a bagae label. Attach this label to your bag and hand it in at the wardrobe tent.

The number on your label corresponds with you bib number.
You can only pick up your bag with your bib number.
Please do not hand in loose objects, but put them in a bag.

Changing rooms & Showers

There will be a tent where you can change clothes. Unfortunately there are no showers available.

Medal & T-shirt

It is possible to order a unique finisher medal  for € 4,- with your registration.

A running t-shirt can be ordered for € 13,50. You can collect this t-shirt before the race at the merchandise stand.

Aid stations

The 14k has 2 aid stations: at 7,5k and at the finish.
The 7k has an aid station at the finish.

The 32k has 4 aid stations: at 12, 18, 26k and at the finish.
The 18k has 2 aid stations: at 12k and at the finish.
The 10k has an aid station at the finish.

At the aid station you can get:

  • Water
  • Tailwind sportsdrink
  • Orange slices
  • Bananas
  • Cola
  • Tucs
  • Chocolat
  • Biscuits
  • Winegums

At our aid stations we do not have plastic cups! Bring your (foldable) cup if you want a drink. It is possible to order one with your registration.

No plastic cups at aid stations

Bearsports events don’t have plastic cups at aid stations or at the finish. This means you have to bring your own (foldable) cup during the race if you want something to drink.
You can order a plastic cup with your registration if you don’t have one.


This trail is organised by nature lovers. We get the opportunity to organise events in these beautiful nature reserves with the compliance of several nature organisations. We expect from all participants that they do not leave behind any trash. Take it with you and drop it at the aidstations or at the finish.

Participants who consciously leave behind any waste will be disqualified!

Support for nature

With your registration you support Natuurmonumenten, an organisation who takes care of nature reserves  in the Netherlands, including large parts of the Sint Pietersbear Trail course.

It is possible to give an extra donation to this organisation with your registration.

Award ceremony

There will be awards for the first, second and third finisher for men and women. There are no separate age categories.

Kids Trails
Podium for every Kids distance.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about the event?

Check our ‘Frequently asked questions’ page.
If your question still isn’t answered, send us an e-mail at info@bearsports.nl


These are the preliminary courses, it is possible that they will be changed.

Click on the image to get a more detailed view or to download a GPX file.

For the 32k a headlight is mandatory, since the course goes through a tunnel of 1,5k.

Saturday 14k

Saturday 7k

Sunday 32k

Sunday 18k

Sunday 10k

Results 2023

Live results will be visible during the event.


Previous results

You can find the results on the website of our timing partner SQM TIME.

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