Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

Yes, this is possible via your Larssie-profile as long as pre-registration is possible. Go to “Registrations” to change the participant. If you have any issues send an email to

When registrations are closed you can transfer your registration via a mutation form

Can I change my distance after I registered?

In most cases this is possible. You can do this via your Larssie-profile, go to “Registrations” and change your distance. If you change to a longer distance you will have to pay the price difference. This is possible as long as pre- registration is open.

When registrations are closed it is only possible to change to a shorter distance. You can do this by filling in an mutation form

Is it possible to register at the day of the event?

In most cases it is NOT possible. Only when we explicitly mention it on the website and/or social media.

Is it possible to cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration according to the terms and conditions of an event. When this is possible you will receive “Larssie credits” which you can use to register for another Bearsports or Sportevents event.

I haven't received any information after the confirmation e-mail. When do I get this?

We will send an email with the last information a few days before the event. We will also place this information on the website. When you haven’t received the email, check your spam folder.

I only received one infomail, but I registered multiple persons. Why?

If you register multiple persons on the same email address you will only receive one infomail. This is because of a limitation of the email program.

The Race

How do I receive my Bib number?

You can pick up your Bib number on raceday at the registration office near Start/Finish.

At some events we will send your bib to your home address or it is possible to pick up your bib earlier. This will be specified on the eventpage on this website.

How can I download a GPX file of the course

If you go to the eventpage, you can find a picture of the course under “Course”. If you click this image it will redirect you to the website Here you can click on export and select GPX.

Watch out! If you want to run the race with the GPX file, wait until one day before the race to download it. It is possible we make some small changes in the course.

Why is the distance not exact?

Due to permits, road crossings and some other factors it is not always possible to determine the exact route long before the race. We try to stay close to the distance, but we prefer a nice course over an exact distance.

This question does not apply to the Heuvelland Marathon and the 043 Triathlon.

Results and Photos

Where can I find the results?

After the event we will to upload the results as soon as possible on our website. There will also be link on social media.

Sometimes it will take some time to upload the results before other races are still in progress or we are busy taking down the event area.

My results are incorrect or I'm not listed

Of Course we do our best to make sure everything goes perfect. But if there is a mistake, please let us know by sending an email to with your name, bibnumber, estimated time and if you have it finishphoto or bibnumber of the runner who finished ahead or behind you. We try to fix the mistake as soon as possible.

Where can I find the photos made during the race?

In most cases the photographers are not hired by us. If we know the photographer we will share a link to the photos on our website and/or on social media.

Your question still not answered?

Send us an email at

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